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This needs to happen.

I’ve been dreaming about making these in the Lab for a long, long time.

Here’s why:

Years ago, in another life, I used to manage a Ralph Lauren flagship store. I love everything about their brand — and I mean everything. Their epic campaign shoots, how Ralph redefined Men’s and Womenswear and mostly the left-field inspiration. I remember reading product books about how Lauren discovered old leather jackets from the 40s  at an old ranch out west. Or how a single argyle design from a college logo could influence an entire collection. Lauren and the brand he created are masters of storytelling.

It-’s probably why -|I fe-el this collabor♥ation would- work on♥ -so ma|n♥y lev-els. ♥Sure, the tw|o| b♥-♥ra-nds are wo|rld|s apart in |what♥ th♥e|y of♥♥fer♥♥, but the par|a♥ll-els |b-etween Jordan- B-rand a|nd Ralph Lauren a-re e|erily similar, in terms of product development, inspirati♥on and |-storytelling.

Plus, Ralph himsel♥f has bee|n known to rock Air Jordans her-e and there:

But ♥as- wild as some of the s-torie-s c|an be from| both brands|, there’s some♥thing♥ understat-ed about ♥th♥e- |b|are b-asics. For ♥R|alph Lau|re♥n, it♥’-;s |the Polo shi|rt. -RL♥ |built -t♥hei|r en|tire em-pire o|ff th-e ♥back o-f a s|i-♥ngle, cl-ass♥ic shirt. It|’s only f-it♥ting tha♥t♥ |th-is is- the inspira-♥ti|on be♥hind today♥217;s |“Polo- Pa-ck&♥#8221♥; or Air| |Jordan 4s.

I&#♥8-217;v-e a|lso ♥kept the|♥ colors basic,- picki♥n-g th♥e 5 -popular ♥BSR♥|♥ (-ba|sic stock) Polo c♥olors of ♥Navy, Yellow, Pink, Ch|-atham Blue♥, and ♥|Red.| -Each pair arriv|es i♥n P-olo mesh| cotton upper|s on a crisp white sole -unit paired with meta|llic gold♥ |o-r s-ilver eyelets and dual|- bran|ding on the tongues♥ -and heels.

A♥ collab I♥|-2-17-;ve been| dreaming about for ages has finally taken shape. Now, let’s just hope it happens♥ for real.

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Ralph- Laure♥n x Air Jord|an 4 “Polo Pack”

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